Banning Church of the Nazarene

Making Christlike Disciples in the San Gorgonio Pass


Banning Church of the Nazarene seeks to be a faithful, committed community of believers in the San Gorgonio pass area.  We wholeheartedly desire to live and breathe in grace, mercy, hope, faith, and love of our Lord, which was witnessed in his ministry, death, and resurrection. To share in this mission and goal, we read and re-present the scriptures in our lives, we pray along with the prayers of God’s people past and present, we gather for times of corporate worship together, we serve the least of these, as Christ himself, in our community, and we welcome friends we don’t even know yet (perhaps you!) to share in this calling as one part of the Body in this region.

In similarity with many congregations now across the states, we are around 35 to 45 on a Sunday morning.  A majority of members, though by no means all, have been a part of this congregation and community for decades. We believe that in this makeup and character of our congregation God has given us a set of gifts to fulfill our commission to minister in this area.

Those qualities are simply enriched by our desired focus on the scripture, prayer, service, proclamation, and worship.  Such a profile means that we are able to know personally–by face, name, and story–anyone whom God sends to worship with us. In our congregation, you are not just another body; you become part of the church family.  God calls us and knows by name, we believe that a church family should too.  Second, we believe that the gift of experience, maturity, and wisdom allows for us to minister at many stages of life and in many different contexts. We seek to make ourselves available to you or the community in whatever capacity is possible and foster relationships that strengthen and develop faith.

Finally, we believe that we have a renewed purpose in this area; January 31st, 2017 marked a milestone of 80 years for this congregation. As the product of the 8, which often signifies new creation, and 10 which signifies completeness, we believe that God is revitalizing this congregation. Insight from anyone on the vision for the congregation in the coming years are welcome.

If you are a resident of this area, but do not yet belong to a community of worship, please join us to discover how you can become a part of our church family!